Simple and secure access to internal apps

No VPN required. Google, Office365 or email based user authentication.

Key Features

Easily manage users

Access to your application is restricted to specific email addresses. Users will use their existing authentication providers, such as Google, GMail, Office365 or any other email provider, including support for 2-factor authentication.

Securely expose to the internet

No need to deal with gateways, firewalls, obtaining and renewing certificates. You app will become accessible via the Internet over secure HTTPS URL.

No client software required

End users access your app using their standard browser on a computer or mobile device

Easy to set up

Suppose you have an application running locally on your computer, VM or container, and accessible via http://localhost:8000. Let's make it accessible over the internet but only to certain authorized users.
Adjust who will have access to your app
Download tunnelling agent for your OS

Run an agent on a local machine or container that has access your app

$ gw --url http://localhost:8000 --secrets my-tunnel-gw-run.json
VoilĂ ! Your app is now accessible at

Use Cases

Internal apps

Provide secure access without need to set up VPNs to apps that keep on running on office servers.

Share easily

Do you have a local app, dashboard or just a static website you need to securely share with just select colleagues or clients?

Check out tutorials

See how to provide a secure shared access to self-host dashboard, data science, static websites and other apps


$20 per app per month

Up to 100 users, up to 100GB data transfer per month.

Ready to get started?

Securely expose your internal application to the internet

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